Angry Wife Gets Horrifying Revenge on Cheater

Kelly wanted to proceed with her life, but she depended on Jim financially. He was a successful attorney, so she set up with the misery for the past couple of years. Until he broke her heart.

Her employer essential to make some renovations daily, so everyone was allowed out a couple hours early. Kelly wanted to surprise her husband, but the surprise was on her. As she was going home, she saw Jim’s car in a random parking lot. She parked on a side street, moved closer and hid behind some bushes on the opposite side of the road. She waited about an hour before Jim left. He kissed a girl in her early 20s on the way out the door and got in his car.

Kelly resisted the urge to demand a divorce that night. She could not work out how to leave Jim. He made her sign a rigorous prenuptial agreement, so she would get nothing if she ended the marriage. She had another way to support herself.

But what can she do? Kelly was a school dropout that had spent five years working as a cashier. She didn’t have any abilities that she could use to get a better paying job.

She felt dejected, until she arrived home from work one day and found the unexpected. Jim would be off for another four hours, so she was not expecting anyone. So she was certainly surprised to find a limousine in her driveway. She approached the driver side window.

“Can I help you? “Kelly asked the driver as he rolled his window down.

“You can help my business,” the driver said. “I signify Thomas Seliraz, the software tycoon and Toronto billionaire.”

“I’m in a dire situation, young woman,” an unseen guy said From the back of the limousine. “I am dying of leukemia and require a bone marrow transplant immediately. You are the only known game in the registry. With no participation from you, I will die in four weeks. I will pay handsomely for the opportunity. How can $700,000 sound?”

Kelly gasped. Normally she would aid a dying man without expecting anything in return. But she could really use the money to leave Jim and a bone marrow transplant could be debilitating. She signed a contract agreeing to the terms and accepted a $20,000 check as an advance.

Kelly took a couple of days off work another week to get The bone marrow donation. Obviously, she didn’t tell her husband anything about it. She would wait until after her divorce was finalized, so that he would not attempt to hold this up. The prenuptial agreement could be powerful, but as a lawyer he could attempt to fight it if it worked.

Mr. Seliraz instantly introduced $700,000 into a bank account she didn’t talk with her husband and promised to not notify the press before her divorce was finalized. She finally confronted her husband and wanted an immediate divorce. Jim never apologized for the cheating, but agreed to an uncontested divorce, given Jim confessed to the adultery. They jumped within a month.

Jim hoped that his ex-wife would emerge crawling back 1 day, only to find his younger girlfriend had moved in. He was surprised that Kelly had not demanded money after the divorce. But then he started the newspaper one day and got the shock of his life:

“Software Billionaire Escapes Death With Sole Bone Marrow Match”

He read, but Was shocked to find that Kelly had made the donation. In exchange, she had received over $700,000 — before the divorce was finalized.

Then he was horrified to read the Quotation from his ex-wife, stating how the reimbursement had made it possible for her to leave her adulterous husband. Jim wanted to sue her for defamation, but then recalled he confessed to cheating on her during the divorce proceedings.

Apparently, his new girlfriend Read the paper also. She did not know that Jim was married while watching her. She was mad and left him the following day too.

The successful attorney eventually Realized his ex-wife, a college dropout and cashier had played him for a fool. And he deserved it.

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