Bird Enthusiast Creates LEGO Birds And 10,000 Supporters Get LEGO Into Mass-Produce Them

Tom Poulsom, a gardener and tree builder from Bristol, turned into his pion for birding into those wonderful LEGO brick bird replicas.)

Poulsom’s designs did not go awry — 10,000 fans on LEGO Ideas voted to begin m-producing 3 of his own critters, and also the very first kit hits stores in January.

I’ve always been a lover of LEGO, and a major admirer of the organic world, rekindling my passion for LEGO 2 decades back and constructing what many boys could assemble, automobiles, trucks and spaceships, etc.. But being a gardener and also a fan of character I wished to develop soing associated with my job. 1 afternoon during a rest from digging at a clients garden a Robin Red breast landed in my fork manage. This is the eureka moment behind what’s currently the LEGO Bird Project,” Poulsom informed twobirdersandbinoculars.

Additional information: Flickr | LEGO Suggestions (h/t: gizmodo, twobirdersandbinoculars)

The initial 3 birds to be published:

Bobby Robin helps out from the backyard

Woody Wood

Leeto and Latifah that the LoveBirds

Victor The Violet-eared Hummingbird

Stormy that the Snowy Owl

Gloria Goldfinch

Tommy the Turkey

Kaimi that the Kiwi

Kingsley Kingfisher

Marky Macaw Explores

Tiago that the Toco Toucan

Cheeky small Peter

Sophie that the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Dodo the American Dipper

Chris that the Crimson Rosella

Horace that the Hyacinth Macaw

Rocky the Rock Hopper Penguin

Carona Canary

Amber that the Azure Kingfisher

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