Crosswalk That Enables You To Play Pong With A Stranger On The Other Side Installed In Germany

A group of creative design pupils have finally set up their brilliant innovation, which moved viral in 2012 —  a crosswalk on this allows strangers to play pong with one another while they wait patiently for the light to change. Amelie Künzler and Sandro Engel, two interactive design pupils at HAWK school, had it installed at the Italian town of Hildesheim only a few weeks ago with the support of a group of technology programmers.

The thought to their Actiwait on proceeded viral as soon as the pupils, together with a third colleague, Holger Michel, printed their notion video in 2012. Even though it was just a pretend, it gained countless perspectives and enjoys. After beating numerous technological challenges and red tape, an evaluation unit was set up at a crosswalk at Hildesheim before HAWK University (Google Maps).

Continue reading for Amelia and Sandro’s answers to questions regarding their smart and enjoyable product!


The thought came while waiting for the light to turn green. Sandro always had to wait for a traffic light in the front of the Campus and one day thought ‘this might be more entertaining’ and so he developed the idea and the very first video with Holger Michel, who a couple moth afterwards left the group,” Sandro and Amelie informed


Folks are largely enthusiastic and pleased to own such a gadget. They grin and get to know each other. You can find even people from different cities and states that are coming to perform with a game of streetpong. Some do not know the idea behind it instantly but should we describe it to them that they think It’s great and do not want to stop enjoying

Here is what the Last product (installed two weeks back in Hildesheim, Germany) really looks like:


The camera is a stage where we could display videos, images and it may be utilized as a tool for communicating. We believe cities can use it as guides through a town that our to provide kids traffic instruction right there. We’re also developing new apparatus for your Subway for instance, but that one is still quite a ways to go!

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