Extreme Antarctic Winds Form Trees Into Beautiful Types on Slope Point, New Zealand

As amazing and helpful as our contemporary technology are, there are still lots of areas on the planet where Mother Nature rules supreme. 1 such location is Slope Point in New Zealand.

Slope Point is the southernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island. It lies 4800 kilometers (2982 mi) in the South Pole and 5100 kilometers (3168 mi) from the equator, so it is often subjected to unthinkable weather conditions. The air flow loops which traveling across the Southern Ocean uninterrupted for 3200 kilometers (2000 mi) make landfall at Slope Point, making for always extreme winds. And yet, even in this visually unpleasant surroundings, extraordinary beauty are available.

The intense winds that batter Slope Point are so robust and consistent that the trees which grow there are molded into beautifully and strangely twisted forms. The trees themselves wouldn’t exist there if not to the sheep farmers who live nearby. Although Slope Point itself is nearly uninhabited and is simply accessible my own foot, neighboring farmers’ sheep graze there. The farmers increased little groves of rugged trees to provide their lands some respite in the powerful winds.

Writer Trevor Cree explained the place such as this: “It isn’t a breeze that will inevitably snap and break at will, but obviously it may, it’s its utter relentlessness, like a gnawing toothache, which never stops until complete submission from the sufferer is accomplished.

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