National Geographic Traveler: World´s Greatest Island Destinations.

Unspoiled, unexplored, incredible — The Faroe Islands.

These were a few of the key words that National Geographic Traveler utilized in its description of this winner of best island destination in the world, the Faroe Islands, over over 111 other island destinations.

A panel of 522 well-traveled specialists in sustainable tourism have been asked to rank 111 distinct islands and here would be the outcome:

No. 1: The Faroe Islands

Rank: 1). Faroe Islands (SCORE: 87)

“Lovely unspoiled islands — a joy to the traveller.” Remote and trendy, and so safe from overcrowding, the autonomous archipelago located in the center of the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Scotland brings high marks from panelists for preservation of character, historical structure, and neighborhood pride. “Dramatic waterfalls and harbors.” Just the very best island desitnation on the planet.

Borgarin peak overshadows a lighthouse from the Faroes (image above), an archipelago of steep slopes, roofs, along with a preservation-minded men and women who welcome an increasing number of visitors.

2.) Azores


Portugal (SCORE: 84) This temperate mid–North Atlantic archipelago’s “green volcanic mountains and scenic black-and-white towns” provide “driving excursions, handicrafts, and cuisine,” and a ecosystem “in good shape” and a “powerful and vint” Portuguese civilization. “Locals are extremely complicated,” but improper development is starting to appear.

3. Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten, Norway (SCORE: 82) Chilly, highlaude islands type a “masterpiece” of spectacular outcrops steeped in tradition that is cherished. “Many of those cities rent out comfy rorbu, the historical fishermen’s cabins.” “There are lots of excellent museums and art galleries.”

3. Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands, Scotland (SCORE: 82). Just south of a 1, the Faroe Islands places these remarkable islands. More Norse than Scottish, “Shelties” maintain Viking customs and reveal “exceptionally large ethics in all facets of heritage and ecology regardless of North Sea petroleum growth. Fantastic preparation controls and atude.”

3. Chiloé, Chile

Chiloé, Chile (SCORE: 82) Gateway into Chile’s fjord country, “rural and subtropical” Chiloé owns a “pristine seascape, improved by protected woods and heaps of historical cities and wooden churches, 16 of that are located on the UNESCO World Heritage list.”

4.) Isle of Skye, Scotland .

Isle of Skye, Scotland (SCORE: 81)

“Wild landscape and also a location of ethnic reselectric projects may impact beauty.” Ecotour operators in odds with whalers.

5.) Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island, South Australia (SCORE: 80) “Agriculture, tourism, and wilderness” meld with “high ecological uality and neighborhood participation.” Feral goats and hens, and also introduced koalas do interrupt habitats.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island, Michigan (SCORE: 80) “No automobiles [banned since 1898], zero high-rises, and small development pressure” arn praise for its iconic isle at Lake Huron. “Overall the island really is a gem. Downtown is a bit too touristy.”


Iceland (SCORE: 80) . Only north of variety one on National Geographic Travelers preferred islands destination from the entire world listing, the Faroe Islands, places the also exceptional Iceland.Dramatic landscapes, unique culture, and large ecological consciousness, but “fresh smelters and hydro-electric jobs can impact beauty.”

Ecotour operators in odds with whalers.

6. Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai, Hawaii (SCORE: 79) Tops from the tropics, Molokai “is 1950s in lodging,” its rocky coast and nominal beachfront preventing big-resort growth and protecting Hawaiian ethnic manners. “Seems like old Hawaii.”

7. Aran Islands, Ireland

Aran Islands, Ireland (SCORE: 78) The threesome from the Irish west shore occupies cultural heritage. Islanders “keep a strong awareness of cultural heritage and ideny.” Tourism management becomes great reviews.

Texel, Netherlands

Texel, Netherlands (SCORE: 78) Well-caredfor Dutch vacation island on theTexel, Netherlands (SCORE: 78) Well-cared for Dutch vacation island around the Waddenzee. “Nice low-key destination for cyclists.” Waddenzee.
“Nice low-key destination for cyclists.”

8. Dominica, Caribbean

Dominica, Caribbean (SCORE: 77) Strong, friendly, green, with couple of shores, the “Nature Island” provides an “authentic, unspoiled encounter, with cultural and natural amenities.” Downside problems: support for Japan on whaling along with a suggested oil refinery

 Greines, Caribbean

Greines, Caribbean (SCORE: 77) “Unspoiled beauty,” not overly developed, and fantastic yachting, though yacht discharge pollutes nearby waters. Authentic–“among the last, best hopes of the Caribbean.”

9. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia (SCORE: 76) “Great, but wants to decrease logging” amounts up panelist opinion. “Proposed pulp mill interrupts Tasmania’s image as green, clean, and pristine.”

9. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia (SCORE: 76) “Outstanding cultural and natural attractiveness.” The island gets compliments for balancing shore tourism with “focus on local culture, archaeological sites, and indigenous species.” Risk of getting “quite touristique.”

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