Pictures Of The Buzludzha Communist Party Monument In Bulgaria

The Buzludzha Monument (UFO construction) is a structure built from the Bulg communist regime to commemorate the occasions in 1891 in which socialists, headed by Dimitar Blagoev, shaped an ised socialist movement.

It’s located on Buzludzha, and it will be a historical summit in the middle Stara Planina and can be 1441 metres tall.

Opened in 1981, it turned into a decadent, lavish structure adorned with marble and gl and utilized as a meeting point for the communist party. Following the bloodless revolution of 1989, the communist party was disbanded and the construction was only left to rust.

The majority of these substances are stolen or vandalized, leaving a vacant so, open to the elements. Whatever the looters could not reach stays intact, for instance, enormous ruby-coloured celebrities on peak of the adjoining towers.

In 2011, the Bulg government handed the building over to the present communist party as well as to the very day, nobody understands exactly what to do with it!


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