This 3D-Printed Lamp Can Cover Your Room In Elegant Lace Patterns

Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, a set of artists and designers located in Paris, have generated a superb 3D-printed lamp design which will light the room with rich and intricate lace patterns.

The polished lamps appear good in their own, however they really shine (ahem, sorry) if the 3D-printed lace cowl casts its light onto the space. Their Sky version hangs from your ceiling and also “laces up” just the walls, whereas the Land version stands on a tabletop and laces the walls and ceiling.

Both appear to be experts in regards to 3D-printing complex layouts, since they have got a must-see assortment of 3D-printed lace creature sculptures too. Go to their site to test them out or continue reading for Pierre-Yves’ meeting with !


Our inspiration comes in the plays of light and shade that We’ve envisioned,” Pierre-Yves Jacques clarified to


We wanted to make a delicate light. When the light on, it generated an actual mesmerizing atmosphere in your inside


The lace decoration is a nod to our preceding assortment of wall mounted sculptures enled animal-lace, also illuminated — notably our beloved elephant who’s famous across the world.


Poetry, air and pion will be the key words of those accomplishments. We’re preparing a new set of interior layout item with lace at this time. Stay tuned!



We’d love to thank Pierre-Yves Jacques for speaking to us about his and Linlin’s job, and look forward to watching more of the work!

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